One Night in Bath – The Movie - Currently in Development
Filming: Sept/Oct 2019

One Night In Bath

Love in Hot Water

A romantic comedy set in the beautiful city of Bath, where our twenty-something hero meticulously plans
and executes a grandiose marriage proposal. However, instead of sweeping his prospective fiancé off her
feet, he inadvertently engineers the worst day of her life, causing her emotional and physical trauma, public humiliation and an aeronautical near-death experience.

One Night In Bath is a big, expansive, feel-good romp, with a thoroughly modern twist. Sharply written, with a great story and engaging characters, it’s an emotionally-sparkling, uplifting and eccentric British romantic comedy with global appeal.

Process and Timescale

  • One Night in Bath, is produced and written by Jonathan Willis & Chris Harris.
  • Since May 2016, the team has been developing characters, story ideas and crafting the screenplay.
  • As of February 2017, the SEIS/EIS investment opportunity was formally opened and the HMRC-approved prospectus made available. If you would like to invest in the film, shares are offered on a first come, first served basis. Minimum investment: £500. To receive a prospectus and application form, please apply here.
  • Preparations are now underway for the shoot, where the cast and film crew are hired, locations selected and sets are built.
  • The actual filming of the movie, in which all the raw elements are recorded, has provisionally been scheduled to take place in and around Bath Sept/Oct 2019.
  • Immediately following this, the images, sound, musical soundtrack and visual effects of the recorded film will be edited.
  • The finished film will be distributed internationally and screened in cinemas and released on home entertainment, VOD, Netflix, iTunes etc. This will take place in 2019.


"As Bath residents and filmmakers, our principal aim is to create a commercial and memorable movie experience to be distributed internationally, whilst positively showcasing the city of Bath in all its modern glory."

"Our hope is that the wider community, Bath-based businesses and creative talent support the project in a wide variety of ways, either through the provision of services, time, product-placement and offering film locations, as background artists and extras or through financial investment. However you’d like to become involved, we’d love to hear from you."

Jonathan Willis & Chris Harris (Writers/Producers)

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Prospectus & General Enquiries

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